Vanuatu Passport By Investment Program: Own the ultimate Plan B Passport in 2022

Check out the latest list of program requirements for obtaining Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment below:

1. Donation requirements: As of January 1, 2022, the Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Program’s donation requirements will NOT be going up. The minimum donation requirements are as follows (this excludes a standard due diligence fee of US$5,500:

    • Individual applicants: US$130,000

    • Married couples: US$150,000

    • Family of 3: US$165,000

    • Family of 4: US$180,000

The above donation amounts are the minimums set by the Vanuatu government, and paying anything less than the stated amounts is illegal. Your application will also be jeopardized if you are found to have received any kick-backs or rebates on these amounts from your service provider.

2. Age requirements: Applicants must be over 18, and under the age of 65 when submitting their application.

3. Personal Net Worth: You will have to prove that you have assets worth at least $450,000 (USD) at the time of application in order to be eligible to apply.

4. Donation payment scheduling: Applicants must deposit 25% of their donation, plus the applicable due diligence fee, upon submission of their application. Only when the applicant has been approved in principle (AIP) does the remaining fee of 75% becomes payable.

5. Application forms: The CBI specific application form must be duly completed for the main applicant, their spouse, as well as their children and/or parents, as applicable).

6. Valid passport copies (color): A color scan of the profile page of the applicant’s passport is required, along with a color scan of the cover, as well as the first and last three pages. Please note that this is required for the main applicant, their spouse as well as children and/or parents, as applicable).

7. Passport photos: Six (6) color passport photos each (40mm x 50mm) are required for the main applicant, spouse and any children/parents as appropriate. 

8. Color ID copies: A color copy of the applicant’s ID card (front and back), and translated to English, is required. This is also required for your spouse, children and parents, as applicable. Please note that if the ID document is translated, the translated document must be notarized.

9. Marriage certificate: If your spouse is applying as a dependent, a copy of your unabridged marriage certificate is required. If this document had to be translated to English, the translated copy has to be notarized.

10. Proof of family ties: If your parents or children are dependent applicants, the appropriate birth certificates must be submitted in order to prove the family’s connections. If these documents have to be translated to English, the translated copies must be notarized.

11. Clean criminal record: Applicants must submit an original certificate of no criminal record from the jurisdiction in which he/she has resided during the last 12 months and (if different) the jurisdiction of his / her principal nationality. Police Clearance of applicants and dependents (aged 18 years and above).

12. Academic qualifications: Copies of the applicant’s academic qualifications, as well as the most recent academic certificates or reports of any children aged 18 – 25 years old must be submitted. For minor dependent applicants, the most recent education proof is required. Where these documents must be translated to English, notarization is also required.

13. Medical certificates: Medical Checkup certificates are required for all applicants (aged 18 years and above). Where these documents have to be translated to English, notarization is required.

14. Proof of employment and/or company ownership: A copy of the main applicant’s CV and notarized proof of their employment and/or company ownership is required.

Please note: All submitted photocopied documents must be signed by the main applicant before being scanned and sent to us.