Fast-Track 2nd Passport Service

Vanuatu in The South Pacific.

D S P = Vanuatu Development Support Program: Now Easier & Cheaper
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Visa Free entry to 123  Countries


Residence / Right To Live & Work

A Tax-Free Jurisdiction

Off-Shore Status

100% Asset Protection

Expanded Travel Options

The Happiest Place On Earth!

"Come To Life In Vanuatu"




Tax Advantage:





New LOWER PRICE*Please ask!

Vanuatu Development Support DSP Program: Easier & Cheaper

  One Fee Secures Full Citizenship     

in just 30 Days

Passports for a whole family (up to 4 members)

 2 Adults + 2 Children

(Additonal children are possible. Children must be under 18 at time of application)

Please Note: SOLO Applications are subject to a Set Fixed Price


We will guide you safely to secure a 2nd Passport.
Helping you protect your
freedom, wealth & assets.
Offshore strategies make business more efficient.
Legally cut your tax bill & increase your wealth.



"The Happiest Place On Earth"



Secure Your 2nd Passport.

Its like having “Citizenship Insurance”

We are here to secure your new Citizenship & help in every way we can.




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